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Forever Interactive was created for the purpose of seeing the shift in the way games are made and played in our immediate future. We have a strong desire to be a top developer of games in the Midwest. There is a lot of talent here and we want to foster an atmosphere of creating new, innovative, and successful games. We see a shift in the way games are made, reviewed, rented, bought and sold. This shift is how small budding companies will be given the opportunity to be leaders in the interactive entertainment industry. Our goals will be achieved in three ways: our mission, philosophy, and ethics. This will guide us in the direction we need to ensure that Forever Interactive is at the forefront of this revolution.

Forever Interactive, thus far, has gathered over 60 talented professionals from across the United States and several other countries. We continue to grow each week with passionate and truly dedicated individuals; all sharing the burning desire to be part of a premier video game development studio. We are highly diverse and welcome everyone from all walks of life. Our agile virtual development method is second to none in scope and delivery. We accomplish what others see as impossible out of necessity and the will to succeed. There is no such thing as “It can't be done.” We see it as “How can we get it done?”

Our teams consist of a wide range of professional backgrounds; experienced in the gaming industry, professionals from other industries, and interns. We believe in the Powers of Passion and Potential. These are the guiding forces in innovation and learning. Self-motivated people have such an enormous desire to be in this industry that they will stop at nothing to attain this goal. Our Passion is their Passion...

We offer many opportunities right out of the box; all we ask for is the passion and the talent to succeed. We are set up for success with quality talented team leaders, communication tools, project management, virtual studio network, and a professional family type fun atmosphere. All we need is you to jump in and start creating.

We will showing Visions of Zosimos off at the Midwest Game Developer's Summit! We will be there for the whole event! Be sure to check our Event page for more details!

Our very own CEO Emil Harmsen did an interview with Game Infinite. Please take a look and remember to check out Visions of Zosimos, the first Massively Multiplayer Online Collectible Card Game, currently in Open Alpha! 

All of us at Forever Interactive would like to thank those who stopped by our booth at the Midwest Gaming Classic! We greatly appreciate your support and excitement for Visions of Zosimos. Continue to stay updated on the latest news by following us on social media and signing up for the Forever Interactive Newsletter.

Visions of Zosimos, the world’s first true massively multiplayer collectible card game, is currently in open alpha.

Send an email to to request your alpha key and start playing today! Early adopters are encouraged to submit feedback to make Visions of Zosimos the game you want to play. In addition, players will be able to earn exclusive gear and content only available through this limited time program.

Forever Interactive runs a Scrum managed lean agile business model. Early customer engagement is crucial for us to create the games you want to play. We are listening to all of our fans and encourage comments and feedback. Reach out through email or social media; we are listening!


What makes Visions of Zosimos unique from other games on the market? How is the game played? How was it inspired? Eldon Kurth, Product Owner at Forever Interactive, explains this and much more in the latest video.

Are you a talented professional who is passionate about interactive entertainment?

Forever Interactive is always looking for talented individuals. We are currently looking to expand the Visions of Zosimos team with a variety of different opportunities. Do you have a skill set that is not listed? Send us your resume and a cover letter, we will keep it on file for once the right opportunity comes available. Check out the careers section for job listings.

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